If you find an item in our showroom that you love and can't live without, yet can't afford to pay for it in one lump sum, do not worry.  We offer a layaway program just for you, so that you can afford what you deserve to have.  Layaway is also a great way to keep the surprise present a surprise for your loved one. 

We offer INTEREST FREE, 30, 60, and 90 day layaways at only 20% down! 

Do you have items around the house that have been there for it seems like forever because you do not know what it is or what it is worth?? 

Come in today for a FREE, no obligation, verbal appraisal! Our highly trained staff will not only tell you what the item is ,or made off, but will tell you how much it is worth.  Stop wondering and come in TODAY!

(written appraisals not offered at this time)

OHH NOO! Your necklace just broke! What do you do now??

At Golden Hill Pawn Brokers we offer speedy, affordable, and professional services to bring your jewelry back to life! Our repair specialties include but are not limited to, ring sizing, rhodium plating, clasp repair, and stone setting. We offer our professional opinion of what needs to be repaired and ultimately it is your choice of what you would like repaired. We take pride in the timely repair service we offer, allowing as little as one day to as late as one week services depending on the extent of the repair. Our staff offers repair estimates upon arrival to avoid surprise fees. When leaving your jewelry with us, we assure you that your mind will be at ease. 



Proudly sevicing Golden Hill since 1984

What are you supposed to do when your computer is running slower than normal or your screen is cracked?? 

For a low diagnostic fee, our on staff computer specialist will provide you with the answers to what is actually wrong with your computer. The specialty services include but are not limited to diagnostics, screen replacement, operating system upgrades, password removal, and virus removal. As a completely certified IT, he always provides expert services. We offer reasonable prices, that include waving of the diagnostic fee when the repair cost exceeds fifty dollars. 



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Are your watches just laying around with dead batteries? Do you not know where to take them?  BRING THEM HERE!!

We will replace your batteries for a low cost, while you wait! 

Is your watch too big?Is your watch too small, and you have the extra links?

We will  adjust the links while you wait! This service is provided at a low cost and allows you to leave with a watch that fits just right!


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